Lviv scientists are developing a wound-healing drug

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Scientists in Lviv create drug that will heal wounds faster

The drug the scientists are working on is based on chitosan, which is derived from marine organisms.

Lviv scientists are developing a wound healing drug for our Defenders, Rostislav Stoyko, head of a department at the Institute of Cell Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, has said .

The drug is based on chitosan derived from marine organisms and antibiotics. Together they effectively stop the blood and disinfect the wound. As Stoyko stressed, the characteristics of the drug differ from those produced before:

You have plugged the wound, the blood has stopped, but you have also plugged the bacteria that are there, and while you are delivering the wounded person, very often purulent processes develop. Our drug in the process of delivering the wounded person will already treat

Scientists have already tested this drug on animals and volunteers, and it has proven effective

The institute is also working on special decontaminating dressings for the wounded.

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