How to return to Ukraine if you were forcibly taken to Russia

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What to do if you were forcibly taken to Russia

The police explained what to do if the invaders forcibly took you to the Russian Federation.

During the 35 days of the war, the invaders forcibly deported almost half a million people from Ukraine, said Oleksiy Biloshitsky, First Deputy Head of the Patrol Police Department.

What to do if you find yourself on the territory of the Russian Federation?

Contact your friends, acquaintances or contact the organization "Helping to leave" @helpingtoleave_bot.

Remember, you are not required to apply for temporary residence/asylum.

Avoid manipulations with the passport (stamps, seals) and do not sign any documents.

Avoid travel to displaced persons camps at the earliest opportunity.

How to leave the Russian Federation?

There are no restrictions on exit for citizens of Ukraine from the point of view of the law.

Once in the EU, you can go to any country where you can apply for temporary protection status, which allows you to receive temporary housing, benefits and financial assistance.

You can not apply for a status upon arrival, but look for housing and work on your own.

Medical and legal assistance to citizens of Ukraine is provided free of charge.

Your SIM cards and bank cards work in the EU (unlike Russia).

It is not necessary to apply for temporary asylum in the country of entry.

Departure route from Russia

The most convenient route is through the Estonian border (Ivangorod-Narva checkpoint)

You can get to St. Petersburg by train, and from there by ride or train to Ivangorod.

From Narva you can get to Tallinn (free for Ukrainians).

Once in Estonia, you can contact the toll-free number 12-47 or +3726001247 for any questions.

In Russia, you can buy an Ecolines bus ticket to Riga (Latvia) or Vilnius (Lithuania).

For those who ended up in the "DNR"

Currently, "filtration camps" operate on the territory of the "DPR" - special places for checking Ukrainian citizens.

If you fall into such a camp:

  • before checking, delete all "suspicious" information from your smartphone: discussion of political issues, hostilities, condemnation of the policies of Putin and Russia, photos of military equipment and destruction;
  • exit the chat where the news is discussed and unsubscribe from the channels. If you use several messengers, leave the less active one in use;
  • set up two-factor authentication on your phone and on all social media apps;
  • during interrogation, behave as neutrally as possible, do not fall for provocations, do not discuss political views, do not enter into conversations.
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