How to extend disability during martial law

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During the war, the extension of disability is simplified

During the war, it is not necessary to re-pass the medical and social examination.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine reported this reportedreported by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on its Facebook page.

In a full-scale war, a doctor does not have the right to require a patient to be re-examined to confirm disability.

If the period of disability has expired during martial law, the disability is extended automatically without recommission until the end of martial law and six months after its termination/cancellation.

Establishing a disability has also become more accessible. From now on, this can be done in absentia.

Suppose a person can't arrive at the venue of the MSEC. In that case, the commission may decide to establish disability in absentia based on the direction of the medical advisory committee, the Ministry of Health reported.

It is also reported that a declaration is optional to receive a referral to MSEK.

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