Pension indexation: who will receive only 100 hryvnias

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Who will get just a 100 hryvnia supplement to their pension

March indexation of pensions continues, with some pensioners receiving a 19-20% increase and others only a "consolation" supplement of 100 hryvnias.

Journalist and pension expert Yevgeny Korobkin told us why this is the case.

According to him, not all pensioners received an equal and fair increase to their pensions.

According to the decree, persons who are appointed to their pensions in the years 2020-2022 will not receive the indexation as such. The government gives them only a 'consolation' raise in the amount of one hundred hryvnia, - the expert explains.

The point is that the later the pension was granted, the higher the average salary applied in the calculation. This means that during indexations they try to increase pensions granted in previous years so that they correspond to more modern ones.

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