In Kyiv, they want to cancel the stop of public transport during the air raid

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Kyiv may cancel the rule to stop ground transport during the siren
14:15, 26.08.2022

The Kyiv City Council Commission decided to support the abolition of transport stops during the alarm. Now it's up to the mayor.

A mandatory rule for surface municipal transport was introduced immediately after the Russians fired at a public transport stop in Kharkiv, killing people. It seemed like a sensible precaution. But not everyone liked her. Almost immediately, a petition appeared, calling on the people of Kiev to sign for the abolition of this rule. And by August 10, the petition gained the required number of votes.

The other day, at a meeting of the Kyiv City Council, the deputies decided to support the petition of the people of Kiev. This was announced by the deputy of Kyiv City Council Ksenia Semenova.

Alexander Grechko very effectively began his report on the petition to cancel the stupid decision to stop transport during air raids. He asked who came to the meeting by public transport. Nobody! Except Alexander, no one. Well, it's clear. With its decision, the KSCA killed public transport. He used to be the weak point of Kyiv. And now everything is sad. The Security Council of the city (KSCA - ed.), having no objective data and analytics, wants to remove responsibility for the death of people by such a decision, - said Ksenia Semenova.

Recall that in Kharkiv they began to install shelters at bus stops, and in Kiev, the Kyiv City State Administration prepared a project on the creation of protective structures within ground transport stops.

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