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Russian Federation refocuses its strikes
20:00, 22.03.2023

Energy will remain a target, but military installations and the concentration of our troops and logistics could be the main target.

The deputy head of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry's State Security Service, Vadym Skibitskyy, told RBC-Ukraine in an interview.

Let's take the latest drone bruises on the night of March 17-18 and the night of March 21-22. They hit fuel and lubricant bases in Novomoskovsk, Zhytomyr and there were also hits in Yavorivsky district. What were the main targets? The logistics system of our troops and the concentration of our equipment, which is located in the points of deployment," Skibitsky recalls.

Skibitsky says that thanks to our power engineers the Russian Federation failed to destroy the Ukrainian energy system:

It is thanks to our power engineers, the Armed Forces, the anti-aircraft defense forces, and the coordinated work of all ministries and departments. So the Russians will now reorient the direction of their strikes somewhat. It may be military facilities, concentration of troops, and logistics system of our groups.

Strikes on oil depots have confirmed that the occupiers will try to destroy those critical elements of infrastructure which we need to fight successfully. He added that the energy sector would also remain among the enemy's targets. Critical infrastructure, above all economic infrastructure, which affects the development of our state, will also remain. These are oil refineries, military-industrial complex enterprises and so on," Skibitskyy said.

The deputy head of the SDO reminds that the enemy is insidious and can strike at any object:

It is possible. We analyze which objects are being explored by the Russian Federation. Among them are hydro-technical facilities, bridges over the Dnieper, airfields and airports, supply routes for weapons and military equipment coming from the West. Russia is constantly conducting reconnaissance of these facilities, including space reconnaissance," Skibitskyy adds.

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