Governor of Primorsky Krai forced to admit huge losses of Russian Marines

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Russia begins to acknowledge real losses in Ukraine

The governor of Primorsky Krai has admitted that a Marine unit lost 300 soldiers in Donetsk Region.

Primorye governor Oleg Kozhemyako has admitted losses in the 155th Independent Marine Guards Brigade during an attack on Ugledar.

This was reported by The Insider:

The fighters had earlier sent him a message, material from which Kozhemyako noted had been forwarded to the military prosecutor's office. In the appeal to the governor, the soldiers accused, among other things, Lieutenant-General Rustam Muradov, commander of the Eastern Military District and the Vostok group of troops in Ukraine, of failing to plan the operation and attempting to hide the real loss figures. They also demanded an independent commission from the Ministry of Defense be sent.

Kozhemyako admitted the losses, but assured that previously published figures on the loss of 300 people killed, wounded and missing had been greatly exaggerated.

The Russian governor also said he had spoken to the commanders of those marines:

"We have contacted the commanders of our marines on the front line. These are the guys who have been in combat since the beginning of the operation. We trust them. From them the information about the fighting for Pavlovka is: 'We are attacking hard, yes, there are losses, but far from that.' This is not a staff officer speaking, but a combat commander. He stressed that Primorye losses are greatly exaggerated! For us any losses among our countrymen are a great loss and pain. We mourn the dead and will assist the families and the wounded.

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