The head of the Lugansk region told how the "referendum" of the occupiers is held

Sergei Gaidai commented on the start of the so-called referenda
Читати українською

Sergei Gaidai commented on the start of the so-called referenda in the territories temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation.

Today, in the occupied territories, a "vote" for joining Russia has started, which has already been condemned throughout the civilized world.

At the same time, the occupiers are looking for themselves among the male population of future candidates for "cannon fodder", because. for Russian "mobilization".

The occupiers closed the cities to leave, people are not allowed out so as not to lose their “votes”. Serhiy Gaidai, head of the Luhansk OVA, spoke about this.

Today, “voting” started at “organized places in the adjacent territories”. It's easier - they fill out some papers in the kitchens in apartments and courtyards. It looks very strange. Doesn't smell like privacy. What the so-called commissions look like and whether they have weapons with them - there is no such information yet, - Gaidai said.

Gaidai also said that the occupiers go from house to house in order to identify men - they are looking for future "cannon fodder".

The head of the region recalled the criminal liability for participation and organization of pseudo-referendums.

I remind you that responsibility is provided for the participation and organization of a pseudo-referendum. All those involved will be punished! Sergei Gaidai said in conclusion.

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