Gaidai called the number of orphans taken out by the Russians from the Luhansk region

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The head of the Luhansk OVA reported how many orphans were kidnapped by the Russians

Orphans from the Luhansk region were taken to the Moscow region.

The Russians are taking orphans from the occupied Luhansk region to the territory of the aggressor country. Serhiy Gaidai, head of the Lugansk OVA, reports this on Telegram.

According to him, just recently in the Moscow region, the Russians sent another 76 minors from Ukrainian orphanages.

Another 76 orphans were taken to social rehabilitation centers for minors in the Russian Federation, located in the Moscow region. Currently, four regions of Russia must accept them as part of family groups, - Gaidai wrote.

Gaidai said that this was not the last time children were sent abroad.

Another 104 children who are under supervision in social institutions of the so-called "LPR" are preparing to be "transferred under guardianship" to Russian families, he said.

The head of the UVA stressed that in this way the occupiers want to replenish their gene pool and compensate for the gap of generations, which is "growing daily" due to the death of the country's male population.

What will happen to this issue in the so-called "LNR" is indifferent to the Russians - they understand that they are temporarily in the Lugansk region, - Gaidai added.

Earlier, the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada for Human Rights, Dmitry Lubinets, noted that Russia violates the norms of the Geneva Convention on the Protection of Civilian Population by taking Ukrainian children to its territory. Among other things, the document provides for a ban on forced relocation from the occupation to the territory of the aggressor country.

Russia first makes children orphans with its own hands, killing their parents and family members with shells, separates their families in deportation, deprives them of the right to study and grow up in their homeland, destroying schools and civil infrastructure of cities and towns, and then generously "arranges" them with strangers in a foreign land ! – wrote Lubinets.

To date, out of more than 7 thousand children forcibly deported to the Russian Federation, only a little more than 50 have managed to return home. The process of returning each child is individual, there is no general scheme. In addition, it all goes slowly, depending on many people and factors.

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