Experts told why you need to restart your WiFi router once a week

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How to Improve Internet Connection Through WiFi Router

Manufacturers recommend restarting your Wi-Fi router every two months.

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If you have a WI-FI router at home, it may happen that the connection is a little slow for no reason and without you knowing why your speed is lower than usual. You probably use WI-FI to connect to the Internet from your smartphone, TV or computer, experts said.

Experts explained why to restart a Wi-Fi router.

As with your other electronic devices, if you experience connection problems, you will need to reset your device. For example, if you have problems connecting to your computer or smartphone, you will naturally restart it. You should do the same with your WI-FI router, the experts said.

A Wi-Fi router consists of an operating system, processor, and memory.

Since all devices are connected to Wi-Fi, the performance of the router may gradually decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to restart the router in order to improve the Internet and performance, experts said.

You can restart the Wi-Fi router repeatedly, as restarting has no negative consequences.

Be careful not to confuse a reboot with a factory reset. This can delete all data stored in the device's memory, the experts added.

To properly reset your router, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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