Part of the released prisoners of war received UAH 100,000 each

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The Ministry of Integration told which of the released prisoners of war were given UAH 100,000 each

Some of the released prisoners received 100,000 hryvnias each.

Former prisoners of war, who managed to be pulled out of Russian captivity, were paid 100 thousand hryvnia each. As noted in the Ministry of Integration , there were 96 such people.

The Ministry for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine transferred UAH 9.6 million to Ukrainians who were released from Russian captivity. The interdepartmental commission recognized them as those who were deprived of their liberty as a result of Russia's armed aggression, the department explained.

They also noted that the money will be received by others released after passing certain procedures.

The ministry noted that on September 30, the Cabinet of Ministers supported the initiative of the Ministry of Reintegration to redistribute almost UAH 47 million provided for by the state budget for 2022 to the ministry to ensure payments to Ukrainians released from captivity and those who are still in captivity.

Recall that on September 21, as part of the exchange of prisoners between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, 215 Ukrainian soldiers were released. Among the released: border guards, policemen, sailors, National Guardsmen, Troshniks, customs officers, civilians.

According to officials, about 2.5 thousand Ukrainians are still in captivity of the Russians. Many of them are civilians. It is also known that they are kept in inhuman conditions, deprived of sleep, food, beaten.

Ukrainian authorities are working on a scheme for the exchange of prisoners "all for all".

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