Former NATO general expects "ceasefire" in Ukraine in summer 2023

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There may be a ceasefire in summer, but not a cessation of war - former NATO general
Author: Valda Kalnina Source: picture alliance / dpa Copyright: picture alliance / dpa

In the spring, Ukraine and Russia will reach a point where both sides say, 'It's no use now,'" says former NATO General Domröse.

This was reported by Berliner.

Former Bundeswehr and NATO general Hans-Lothar Domröse expects a ceasefire in Russia's war against Ukraine later this year.

I expect there will be a stalemate at the beginning of the summer and then both sides will say: it's useless now," Domröse told the Funke Mediengruppe newspaper. We will have a ceasefire during 2023.

The most likely time for the situation to arise is between February and May, "when both sides realise that nothing is working," says the former general. "That would be the moment to negotiate a ceasefire.

But that by no means means means peace, he adds.

A ceasefire means we stop shooting. Negotiations are likely to take a long time, a mediator is needed: perhaps UN Secretary General Guterres, Turkish President Erdogan or Indian President Modi - although no one is really imposing himself.

according to Domröse, the only solution left is a negotiated solution acceptable to both sides, "even if Putin would like to get all of Ukraine, and Zelenski would like to liberate all of Ukraine again".

As a possible solution, the ex-general described Zelensky's "refusal to demand immediate reincorporation of territories such as Crimea into Ukraine, or an agreement on a transition period".

Russia and security expert András Ratz of the German Council on Foreign Relations also told the Funke newspaper that talks between Ukraine and Russia could take place in the summer.

I am almost sure that by the end of the year we will reach some kind of ceasefire: "Hopefully there will be no more fighting, but at least it will be much less.

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