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12:55, 26.03.2023

The complete liberation of Bakhmut and its environs will not have such a significant effect on victory.

The decisive part of the military confrontation between Ukraine and the Russian Federation will be the liberation of Crimea from the Russian invaders. In doing so, Ukraine's allies should issue an open statement of support and commitment to its success. This was stated by retired US Lieutenant General Ben Gojes in an interview with Newsbreak.

He stressed that the liberation of the peninsula is a strategic objective and without this victory, other victories of the Ukrainian army in the east will not matter as much in the context of Russia's total defeat.

At the same time, the US should openly support Kyiv by making a number of public official statements, the general said.

You can kill every Russian within 200 kilometres of Bakhmut and it won't change the strategic outcome, but you will liberate Crimea, and then I think you will completely change the whole strategic context. But what is missing is that the president, the administration has not said publicly, 'We want Ukraine to win,'" Godes said.

The general admits that Biden has not yet made such a statement because he is not fully convinced of the outcome of the war.

Joe Biden has done a good job of bringing allies together, but the US and its European partners are still concerned about what will happen if Russian dictator-president Vladimir Putin loses power. I think the administration is also overly concerned about the risk that Russia will somehow escalate the war into a nuclear conflict," explained Goges.

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Artur Zayonts
Artur Zayonts
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