Journalist told that she survived thanks to a kidney stone

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Ukrainian journalist tells how she was saved from missile attack by kidney stone

The journalist from Ukrayinska Pravda was about to go home to Kiev but was delayed by her husband's illness.

And it saved both their lives.

The news editor of Ukrainska Pravda, Alena Mazurenko, miraculously survived her husband's worsening illness. During yesterday's Russian shelling, a rocket hit her house in Vyshgorod, injuring 31 people.

Alena learned of the tragedy in Chernivtsi, where she and her husband had been staying for the past few weeks, and on the eve of the attack by the terrorist-sponsoring country, they were about to return to Kiev.

My husband became ill. It turned out that he had kidney stones. We were going to go and get treatment in Kiev. We packed our things, said goodbye and even left, but, moving through Chernivtsi, we changed our minds and drove to a local hospital," said the journalist.

The journalist's husband was operated on 22 October, and when they returned to their home in Chernivtsi the next day, they received a phone call that a rocket had flown into a flat in Vyshgorod.

Neighbours said they were left with a mess of broken furniture and glass inside the flat.

Near the place where the Russians targeted with the rocket is the local café Kirpulka, a school, a private kindergarten, a monument to Afghans and a playground. This is what they are fighting against," Alena said.

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