Zelensky may go to the G20 summit. To meet with Putin

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The Office of the President commented on whether Zelensky will go to the G20 summit
Office of the President

Zelensky may come to Indonesia to meet with Putin.

This wasstated by adviser to the head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak in an interview with the BBC.

Both Zelensky and Putin were invited to the G20 summit in Indonesia.

The head of state believes that he should be on the territory of Ukraine, and today online formats allow you to work effectively at any summits.

At the same time, if Russian President Vladimir Putin is present at the summit, then, according to the Office of the President, it will be necessary to think about the need for the presence of a representative of Ukraine.

In addition, the Presidential Office once again asked to give Russia the legal status of a "country-sponsor of terrorism" or "country-terrorist." This, they say, will significantly limit the possibilities for the formal presence of the Russian Federation at any summits and negotiations.

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