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Andrzej Duda said that Zelensky knew about the attack of the Russian Federation

The President of Poland left our country a few hours before the attack.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky knew about Russia's intention to carry out an armed attack on Ukraine. At the same time, he was sure that the Ukrainian army had become strong and would be able to repel the attack of the enemy. This was stated by the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, writes Polska Times .

I was in Kyiv a few hours before the attack; and we left Ukraine just a few hours before it happened. Saying goodbye, Vladimir Zelensky told me that he was sure that Ukraine would be attacked in the next few hours. It was a very touching meeting and a touching moment for me,” the Polish president said.

According to him, Zelensky said goodbye that they were seeing each other, perhaps for the last time.

I heard from Zelensky: “The Russians think that we will not fight, but they are wrong. We have experienced soldiers who have already fought for 8 years, who are familiar with the fighting. This is a completely different Ukraine and a completely different Ukrainian army than the one what was in 2014. Finally, Zelensky said: “Andrzej, perhaps this is the last time we see each other,” Duda said.

To date, since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, 28,850 invaders have been destroyed. This was reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The enemy also lost 1,278 tanks (15 in the past day), 3,116 armored combat vehicles (26 in a day), 596 artillery systems, 201 multiple launch rocket systems (1 in a day), 93 air defense systems, 204 aircraft, 169 helicopters (one per day), 462 operational-tactical drones (two per day), 104 cruise missiles (1 per day), 13 ships/boats, 2,178 vehicles and tank trucks (16 per day), 43 units of special equipment.

The enemy suffered the greatest losses over the past day in the Bakhmut direction.

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