Ukrainian intelligence revealed what dangers the Lukashenko regime poses

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GUR tells if Alexander Lukashenko is dangerous for Ukraine

Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, explained whether Alexander Lukashenko was dangerous for Ukraine.

Information that Belarus is allegedly preparing an attack is spreading on purpose.

On the air of FREEDOM, Andriy Yusov noted that such fakes are beneficial for Russia. This is how the aggressor country tries to frighten Ukrainians.

Informational and psychological special operations often pursue several objectives simultaneously. And in this case we see different goals, i.e. on the one hand to sow panic among the population, among Ukrainians, including residents of border regions and regions. And to disorient the Ukrainian defense forces, to disperse forces, to transfer forces from other directions. And also the object and purpose of this special psychological information operation is Belarus itself and Belarusians, that is to make it sparkle, and yet

He noted that now it is very important to understand what goals the enemy is pursuing. One should not succumb to this kind of provocation.

We are not saying that there is no threat from Lukashenko's regime. It is, and Lukashenko helps Putin with weapons, ammunition and armored vehicles. He provides his airspace for strikes against Ukraine, but we can't say today that a full-scale invasion and involvement of Belarus into a land operation is imminent," added a representative of the Ukrainian military intelligence.

Let us remind you that today, in Belarus, we bid farewell to Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei. Alexander Lukashenko has already attended the ceremony.

Makei was considered one of the most pro-Western politicians in Belarus, which immediately gave rise to conspiracy theories about the reasons for his death.

He may have been poisoned to weaken Lukashenko and seize power, " Ukrainian Interior Ministry adviser Anton Gerashchenko wrote in Tg-channel, " his death may accelerate all political processes in Belarus.

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