In Ukraine, again began to produce cars

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In Ukraine, again began to produce cars

If the company notices a high demand for its products, then production volumes will increase.

Automobile plant "Eurocar" in the Transcarpathian region resumes its work. It is reported by uamotors.

The company will start assembling cars using the SKD (re-assembly) method, Auto-Consulting reports. In the first batch of 80 cars, two models KODIAQ and KAROQ were presented. So, the plant received the first 80 car kits for assembling Skoda cars.

Since May, the company has resumed accepting orders for Skoda cars. The waiting time for cars is up to 280 days, but it depends on the number of orders in the queue and may be less. In the meantime, in Ukraine, you can buy Skoda, delivered to the warehouse before February 24 - the brand's dealer network is gradually resuming work.

At the same time, the company clarified that the increase in production will directly depend on the development of the war in Ukraine.

It should be noted that 3,476 cars were manufactured at Eurocar last year.

It is known that a center for providing assistance to migrants was organized in the free premises of the Eurocar plant. Temporarily displaced persons continue to reside on the territory of the enterprise. After the resumption of production, the refugees will continue to live in the plant's buildings.

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