Another military fighter jet goes down in Russia

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Russian military fighter jet goes down in unmanned area

There are no preliminary injuries or damage.

This was reported by Russian media quoting the military.

A MiG-31 fighter jet has crashed in Russia's Primorsky Region while performing a training flight.

According to media reports, the plane went down in an uninhabited area, with no damage on the ground.

The Eastern Military District said a technical malfunction could have been the cause of the crash.

It is worth recalling that in late October this year, a Russian Su-34 military fighter jet crashed into a multi-storey building in Krasnodar Territory. 15 people died then. Then, a week later, on 23 October, another military aircraft fell in Russia. The fighter jet collapsed on a private two-storey house and a fire broke out. The crew of the plane was then reported to have died.

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