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12:30, 25.03.2023

Political scientist and journalist Abbas Galliamov, who has fled Russia, is wanted.

The Russian Interior Ministry has put Abbas Galliamov, a political analyst who was Vladimir Putin's speechwriter for several years, on the wanted list. Galliamov worked as deputy head of the presidential administration in Bashkortostan, was head of the press service of the Russian opposition party the Union of Right Forces, and in 2008-2010, and wrote speeches for him during Putin's first term.

The wanted card does not specify the specific case for which he is wanted.

Galliamov is known to have repeatedly made anti-war statements. The expert has begun to actively reveal the Kremlin's inner kitchen, telling how the vertical of power in Russia is actually built.

In February 2023, the Russian Ministry of Justice included him in the list of "foreign agents.

Galliamov commented on his wanted list. He stated that he was not aware of any criminal cases against him and suggested that his statements could have been seen as so-called fakes about the Russian army.

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