The government has drawn up a plan for dealing with refugees until 2025

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17:30, 05.03.2023

Resettlers who wish to remain in the new territories will be helped to adapt to the new location and find a job.

The Ukrainian government has developed a Strategy of State Policy of Internal Displacement until 2025, the minister for the reintegration of Ukraine's temporarily occupied territories, Iryna Vereshchuk, has said in a statement.

This year, the priority will be the temporary integration of displaced persons in new places of residence and preparation for their return to places of permanent residence," Vereshchuk informed.

Vereshchuk stressed that there are many displaced persons. Not all of them are officially registered as such. It is also still unclear how the return of Ukrainians who fled from the war will take place abroad - what part of them will return and when.

As of today, almost 5 million migrants are registered in Ukraine, while their actual number is around 7 million. Another 5 million Ukrainians have taken refuge outside the country," she said.

Returning to the Strategy, Vereshchuk said that the Government envisages five main steps to be taken for its implementation. These are:

  • Facilitating the adaptation of displaced people at their new place of residence;
  • Integration of resettlers in new communities;
  • Safely evacuating people from dangerous areas, meeting their humanitarian needs;
  • Strengthening the state's ability to respond to the challenges of supporting internal displacement;
  • Supporting safe return to the abandoned place of residence and reintegration of the individual.

Many Ukrainians have been forced to leave their homes because of the Russian military invasion. Displaced persons can receive the following benefits:

  • for persons aged 18 and over - 2,000 hryvnia;
  • for children (under 18) and persons with disabilities - 3,000 UAH.
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Evgenia Ruban
Evgenia Ruban
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