Interior Ministry names number of civilian casualties due to shelling by occupiers

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Interior Ministry says thousands of civilians killed by occupiers

More than 400 children were among those killed by the Russians.

Russian occupation troops have killed thousands of Ukrainian civilians since the start of the full-scale invasion. Most of them were killed by Russian shells, in buildings destroyed by Russian troops. In total, over 9,400 civilian Ukrainians were victims of the occupiers, First Deputy Interior Minister Yevhen Yenin said on a TV marathon.

He added that at least 6,800 more Ukrainians had been injured.

Civilians are suffering because of terrorist attacks. As of now, according to the National Police of Ukraine, more than 9,400 civilians have been killed. Around 6,800 more have been injured. Among them, unfortunately, there are children. 441 children have died in Ukraine since the invasion of the occupiers

According to him, law enforcers continue to find new evidence of Russian crimes in the de-occupied territories. Thus, in the liberated territories of Kherson Region 600 Russian war crimes have already been recorded, in Kharkiv Region - 3,400.

Police officers continue to return law and order to the liberated territories. At the same time, we are recording new military manifestations. Investigation units of the National Police of Ukraine in the de-occupied territories (Kherson Region. - ed.) have documented about 600 war crimes. In Kharkiv Region 3400 were documented. 41 facts of war crimes were added in the past day

Yenin added that the enemy continued strikes on critical infrastructure. Power supply was missing in 507 settlements in eight regions. The most difficult situation with power supply was in Kharkiv Region

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