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Ministry of Education names number of schools and kindergartens in occupation

Institutions in Kherson Oblast suffer the most from the occupiers.

The Education Ministry has said that a large number of educational institutions in Ukraine are still under occupation. This includes both kindergartens and schools. In total, there are over two thousand facilities. This data is current as of 24 November, according to a report by the Ukrainian Science and Education Ministry. It noted that the number of such facilities under occupation can and will change, depending on the progress of the ZSU forces in the south and east of the country

It said that the largest number of educational institutions that have been occupied is in the Kherson region, while the smallest number is in the Mykolayiv region:

  • Kherson region - 357;
  • Zaporizhzhya region - 267;
  • Luhansk oblast - 252;
  • Donetsk oblast - 156;
  • Kharkiv oblast - 10;
  • Mykolaivska oblast - 2.

Number of pre-school education institutions that are located on the seized lands:

  • Kherson oblast - 429;
  • Lugansk region - 270;
  • Zaporizhzhia - 211;
  • Donetsk - 163;
  • Kharkiv - 9;
  • Kharkiv - 9; Mykolaiv - 1.

The MES report also states that 174 pre-school education institutions are currently used as shelters for internally displaced persons.

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