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Emergency power cuts are still in effect across Ukraine
Ukrainian Truth

The country's electricity deficit is now 27%.

This was reported by Ukrenergo.

As of 10:00 a.m. on 28 November, emergency shutdowns across Ukraine are being applied due to a rapid increase in power shortage.
emergency unit shutdowns at several power plants were the cause of the increased capacity deficit. At the same time, consumption continues to grow due to deteriorating weather conditions. The capacity deficit currently stands at 27%.

Ukrenergo also promises that once the causes of the emergency shutdowns are eliminated, the units will return to operation, which will reduce the deficit in the energy system and reduce the volume of consumer restrictions.

The company reminded that the overall deficit in the energy system is the consequence of already 7 waves of rocket attacks by the Russians on the energy infrastructure. The scale and complexity of the damage is very large. Repairs continue around the clock.

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