The Cabinet told what will be done with Mezhyhirya

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The authorities have decided what to do with Mezhyhirya

The picturesque tract near the Dnieper has served as a state residence since 1935, and a very rich landscape diversity is noted on its territory.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection begins the official process of turning the government residence "Mezhyhirya" into a state park-monument. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources.

In the near future, a favorite place of Ukrainian and foreign tourists in the Kyiv region will become a conservation area, for example, as "Feofaniya", "Mariinsky Park" or "Goloseevsky Forest," the report says.

They also noted that in order for the government residence Mezhyhirya to officially acquire the status of a park-monument of national importance, the Ministry of Environmental Protection must complete all legal procedures and prepare an appropriate draft presidential decree.

Recall that the property of the Mezhyhirya state residence in the Vyshgorodsky district of the Kyiv region, where Yanukovych lived from 2010 to 2014, was arrested by the court in July 2015.

In early July 2018, the court transferred Mezhyhirya to the management of the National Agency for the Detection, Search and Management of Assets Obtained from Corruption and Other Crimes (ARMA).

NABU has been investigating the case of Yanukovych taking possession of the Mezhyhirya residence since December 2019. The actions of the ex-president are qualified under Part 5 of Art. 191 (seizure of property by abuse of official position), part 3 of Art. 209 (legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, his son - under part 5 of Art. 27 (aiding), part 5 of Art. 191, part 3 of Art. 209 UCU.

Mezhyhirya is a beautiful tract near the Dnieper, located in the village of Novye Petrivtsy, Vyshgorodsky district, Kyiv region. It is located in a deep valley between mountains, which explains its name. Once a favorite place for out-of-town walks for many Kyivans, earlier it was a monastery, and in princely times it was a resting place for Volodymyr the Great.

Until 1935, the Mezhigorsky Monastery was located on the territory of the modern residence. With the transfer of the capital of the Ukrainian SSR from Kharkov to Kyiv in 1934, the city needed a country residence for government officials.

After the Ukrainian capital moved from Kharkov to Kyiv, cottages of the government residence appeared on the site of the destroyed monastic buildings. The fragments of the ancient ruins were used in the arrangement of paths, and the forests became hunting grounds.

Since then, the following have lodged in Mezhyhirya : Pavel Postyshev, Stanislav Kosior, Erich Koch, Nikita Khrushchev, Vladimir Shcherbitsky, Viktor Yanukovych. Through the efforts of the latter, a residence of at least 130 hectares was turned into private property in 2007.

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