Europe is preparing for the fact that the war will go beyond the borders of Ukraine

In Europe, do not rule out the invasion of Russia
Читати українською

Only military assistance to Ukraine can contain Russia, according to the West.

The war may go beyond the borders of Ukraine. This was stated by Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto, CNN reports.

It's possible. And that is why it is so important to support Ukraine now,” Haavisto said.

Asked if Ukraine could win the war, Haavisto said: "They can save the situation, and in that sense they can win this battle. I think they are of course morally high. They are very united."

They need our support,” he added.

Earlier, the commander of the Finnish Defense Forces, General Timo Kivinen, quoted by Reuters , said that Finland had been preparing for a possible Russian attack for decades. Therefore, the country is "ready to fight if it does happen."

At the same time, the General emphasized that his country had created a significant arsenal, but the motivation of the Finns was decisive and added that even after joining NATO, Finland itself would still bear the main responsibility for the defense of Finland.

It was also previously reported that Finland would provide a new package of military assistance to Ukraine. They noted that they would not disclose information about the content, delivery method and schedule of assistance.

These measures will be followed to guarantee the delivery of military aid to Ukraine, the press service of the Finnish Ministry of Defense reported.

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