US will provide 100 million to support Ukrainian agriculture

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Biden administration will allocate 100 million to Ukrainian farmers

The US is launching an initiative to support Ukrainian farmers affected by the war with Russia.

Washington is committing $100 million to a new program to provide Ukrainian farmers with vital commodities to preserve future crops and alleviate a global food security crisis exacerbated by Russia's war against the country, CNN reported .

Some Ukrainian farms have become battlefields, and farmers who have saved their crops cannot get machinery, fertilizers, seeds or storage facilities.

The initiative will also include funding for farmers who are facing rising prices at a time when their incomes have been hit hard.

The US Agency for International Development is already working with more than 8,000 Ukrainian farmers to get the resources they need to increase their crops, and the new Ukrainian Agriculture Sustainability Initiative will expand those efforts.

AGRI-Ukraine will aim to address the urgent challenges of Ukraine's agricultural exports while supporting the broader needs of Ukraine's agricultural sector and supporting continuous agricultural production in Ukraine until 2023. The initiative will increase Ukrainian farmers’ access to critical agricultural inputs, including seeds, fertilizers, equipment, and pesticides, in order to increase the capacity of Ukrainian infrastructure and the ability to efficiently export agricultural products, increase farmers’ access to finance, and expand the capacity of Ukrainian enterprises to dry, temporarily store, and process agricultural products," USAID, the highest federal government body in the United States, said in a statement.

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