Ukraine reached the pre-war indicators of grain exports

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Ukraine increased grain exports and reached pre-war levels

In September, Ukraine exported 6.9 million tons of agricultural products through ports and alternative routes.

This was announced at a briefing by Deputy Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council Denys Marchuk.

We saw fairly good dynamics (exports of agricultural products - ed.) in August. But in September this figure is much better and surprised us. We have exported our products more intensively. Only through the ports of Odessa in August we exported 1.7 million tons of products. So, in September this figure is 3.8 million,” Marchuk said.

Marchuk, using the figures as an example, spoke about the importance of the "grain corridor" and the continuation of the agreement.

Almost 7 million tons were exported in September. This means that we have reached the pre-war period of export. Yes, perhaps not all port capabilities are involved ... But this is also a very good figure. This dynamic demonstrates Ukraine's actual fulfillment of its obligations. As an export-oriented state, we show the whole world that all the positions signed in Istanbul are working,” he stressed.

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