Scientists have figured out what will happen to you if you eat only pasta

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Scientists have found the answer to the question: what will happen if you eat pasta every day

Such a mono-diet provokes big problems - experts.

Many people cannot imagine their life without pasta, or in simple words - macaroni. Fortunately, they are produced in an assortment and for those who love this dish, choosing the right ones in the store is not difficult. However, according to some, this dish is "addictive". By the way, Italians quite normally endure pasta for lunch and every day. Although, it should be noted here that they always have different additives to pasta, in addition, they eat a lot of vegetables, cheeses, fruits.

So what happens if everyone eats pasta, not really caring about a different food variety? Scientists have found the answer - This can lead to serious health problems, writes HSPH .

They call such a diet too monotonous, which in the future will certainly cause a shortage of substances necessary for the body.

A pasta diet can cause muscle weakness, cramps, fatigue, constipation, peeling skin, brittle nails, hair loss and frequent colds, experts warn.

They also noted that even with an ardent love for such food, a reasonable balance should be maintained. And this means:

  • half of the daily diet should be vegetables, fruits;
  • a quarter of the menu - meat and poultry, fish and seafood, dairy products, legumes, seeds and nuts;
  • another quarter - cereals, whole grain bread, bran bread, whole grain pasta.

In general, the weekly diet should consist of at least 50 different foods, different groups. And this means, if on Monday you cooked pasta for yourself, then on Tuesday, boil buckwheat, barley or rice. And of course, don't overeat.

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