The Pentagon denied the statement of the Russian Federation on the destruction of HIMARS provided to Ukraine

Pentagon speaker denied the words of the Russian Defense Minister about the destruction of Ukrainian HIMARS
Читати українською

Pentagon Speaker Todd Bressil denied the statement by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu about the destruction of HIMARS transferred to Ukraine.

It is reported by Reuters.

Russian Defense Minister Shoigu on Tuesday said that since February 24, Russia has destroyed 6 HIMARS systems, 33 M777 howitzers, 396 Javelin and NLAW anti-tank systems, as well as 125 Stinger-type MANPADS.

We are aware of these latest statements by Minister Shoigu, and they are clearly yet another lie," acting Pentagon spokesman Todd Bressail said.

Also, a Pentagon spokesman said that despite Russia's regular statements about the destruction of weapons transferred to Ukraine, Russia does not provide evidence. Moreover, Ukraine uses the transferred weapons with amazing accuracy and efficiency.

In fact, the Ukrainians are using every single one of the precision-guided missile systems that the US, our allies and partners have provided to defend them against Russia's brutal and criminal invasion with remarkable accuracy and efficiency,” Bressail added.

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