The invaders began to take their families out of Melitopol

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Russians begin to take their families out of Melitopol
Ukrainian truth

The occupiers have blocked the exit from Melitopol, and at the entrance they are carrying out “total filtering”. According to the mayor, men are forced to undress for inspection

This was stated by the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov.

A day earlier, a loud explosion was heard in Melitopol in the south of the city - in the area where one of the commandant's offices of the occupiers is located.

Explosions in the occupied territories caused panic among the occupiers and collaborators. Thus, after the previous outbreak in Melitopol, the broadcasting of propaganda television was suspended.

And this really has a significant impact, because television is brainwashing people who have remained in the temporarily occupied territories. And as soon as it stopped working, the invaders and collaborators began to panic,” Fedorov said.

And after the Crimea explosions, the invaders took out their families massively. But since the movement from Melitopol to Crimea was blocked entirely, the panic became even more significant. According to Fedorov, the occupiers and collaborators did not know where to run because all paths are closed.

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