From September, currency exchange offices will work in a new way. Details

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NBU made changes to the work of currency exchangers

Now each client should be video monitored; there should be security in the room.

One of the requirements of the National Bank of Ukraine: the exchange rate must be at more or less the same level in banks and exchange offices.

Advertising of a currency exchange office was banned; completely banned: on TV, on billboards, that is, everywhere—all in order not to create artificial excitement among the population.

In general, the population can buy and sell dollars indefinitely, but only in cash and if they are available at the cash desk.

You can sell foreign currency in open branches of banks, postal operators and exchangers, and online banking. The official hryvnia to the dollar exchange rate is 36.94/$ (fixed by the NBU on September 1, 2022). The hryvnia exchange rates against other currencies are set every day, the NBU notes.

You can also exchange damaged funds, smeared with paint, affected by a fire or flood. True, the bank does not return the entire value of the bill, but only part of it. And not immediately, but after a particular procedure called a collection.

Clients will not feel significant changes, and now the exchange rate in exchangers will become close to the official one. In any case, the NBU thinks so.

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