People are preparing to evacuate people from the Kharkiv region

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Four evacuation corridors are being prepared for residents of the Kharkiv region

Russian troops continue shelling the Kharkiv region, while people die and get injured every day.

Kharkiv region authorities are developing four routes for the evacuation of Ukrainians from the region. This was stated by the head of the region Oleg Sinegubov during a briefing .

We constantly inquire through the Office of the President, through the relevant Ministry of Reintegration about possible evacuation and humanitarian corridors. Now we have requested four routes again, he said.

He also noted that as soon as these routes are agreed upon, and movement along them is safe, people from the region will be taken to safer areas. According to him, now weekly evacuation is taking place in one of the directions.

For example, about a thousand people came out this week. Of these, almost 300 are children. This is extremely important, because it is extremely difficult to be in the temporarily occupied territories,” he said.

He also stressed that staying in a number of settlements is extremely dangerous, since there are constant battles there or nearby. This also makes it difficult for people to escape from under bullets and shelling.

According to UN estimates, as a result of the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine, more than eight million Ukrainian residents have already become internally displaced.

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