Russian writers were removed from the new school curriculum, but Gogol and "Heart of a Dog" were left

School curriculum updated in Ukraine
Читати українською

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has updated the school curriculum in connection with the full-scale invasion of Russia

Changes have been made to the secondary school curricula in connection with the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. This was reported in the press service of the ministry.

In the lessons of modern history there will be a separate block on the Russian-Ukrainian war since 2014. Schoolchildren will study the terms "Russian world", "rashism", "collaborationism". The USSR will be presented to children as an imperial-type state.

The program of the subject "Protection of the Fatherland" will be strengthened by the military-patriotic component, they will talk about the Heroes of Ukraine, and update recommendations on military, firearms and medical training.

In the "Fundamentals of Health" lessons, more attention will be paid to security under martial law. Schoolchildren will learn alarms, shelters, mine danger and the algorithm of action during shelling.

The lessons of "Geography" will teach countries in the light of the modern Russian-Ukrainian war.

The program "Jurisprudence" will be expanded with the study of issues related to human rights in the Russian-Ukrainian war and information about International Humanitarian Law.

Instead of Russian and Belarusian authors, the program of "Foreign Literature" will include works by world writers, with the exception of: Gogol, Korolenko, Bulgakov, works by Ilf and Petrov. It was also considered expedient to leave the study of the works of the Crimean Tatar writer T. Khalilov.

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