Russians attacked Kyiv and the region, hitting a residential building

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Series of explosions in Kyiv- Russians shelling city and region

An air-raid alert was declared in the Ukrainian capital after the explosions.

During the morning attack by Russians on Kyiv Region, one of the shells hit a residential area in the village of Kopylov, Makarivska community, the OPU deputy head, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, has said:

Kyiv region, Kopylov village During the morning attack, a hit to a residential development was recorded. Windows in the houses of local residents were broken out

According to preliminary reports, fortunately there were no casualties and emergency services are working at the site.

Explosions were also heard in Kiev. The Kyiv city military administration said that the Russian occupiers had attacked the city with rockets. The KCVA reported that there had been a hit to an infrastructure facility:

All necessary services are already working at the site. The data is being clarified, wait for official information. Until the air alert is lifted, take cover

In turn, the OP urged Ukrainians not to ignore the air-raid alert.

Later, the mayor of Kyiv specified the location of the explosions, Dnieper district of the capital was attacked:

Rocket debris fell on uninhabited area in the capital's Holosiivskyi district, no casualties

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13:00, 08.01.23
Elena Rasenko
Elena Rasenko
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