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Russia prepared for war with another country, but chose Ukraine

Russia was probably preparing to attack Japan in the summer of 2021 - only months before President Vladimir Putin initiated a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

An anonymous FSB source claims that the Kremlin was seriously considering an attack on Japan in August 2021. Access to a secret email allegedly written by a man who collaborates with the FSB was obtained by journalists at American Newsweek.

The anonymous email, dated 17 March, was sent to Vladimir Osechkin, a Russian human rights activist who runs the anti-corruption website Gulagu.net and is now in exile in France

The FSB agent, under the pseudonym "The Wind of Change", wrote: "Confidence was high that the countries (Russia and Japan) would enter into a stage of acute confrontation and even war. Why Ukraine was eventually chosen for the war - the scenario has not changed much...".

The publication writes that before the invasion of Japan, propagandists had to come into play. Their role was to incite Russians to hate the Japanese, creating an image of "Nazis" and "fascists" for the latter. This tactic was eventually used against Ukrainians.

Russia even began to prepare society for war with Japan. In August 2021, the FSB declassified information that Japanese special services allegedly had to torture Soviet citizens during World War II. At first, the news was little noticed in the information space, but within days, propaganda began to break the subject.

A propaganda report by the RBC, published on August 20, 2021, citing declassified FSB documents, claimed that experiments on prisoners had been conducted in a concentration camp near Harbin and that during World War II "the Japanese had tested bacteriological weapons and poisonous chemicals on them".

However, such records began to subside in the autumn. The report does not explain why Moscow changed its mind and decided to invade Ukraine a few months later.

In an interview with Newsweek, Bellingcat intelligence group journalist Christo Grozev said that an analysis of the content and the way the message was written "undoubtedly indicates that it was written by a person from the FSB environment".

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Elena Rasenko
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