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Kremlin planned to assassinate Alexander Lukashenko - RLI

They want to blame Ukraine and Poland for Lukashenko's murder.

The Kremlin intends to involve the Belarusian army in the war against Ukraine. According to the Kremlin, the Belarusians should get involved in the conflict after the assassination of Alexander Lukashenko. At the same time, the actual leadership of the Belarusian military will be provided by the Kremlin, analysts of the Robert Lansing Institute (RLI) have reported . According to their information, Moscow has already decided to eliminate Lukashenko. They noted

The Kremlin plans to present fabricated evidence of the involvement of Ukraine and Poland, led by NATO intelligence, in Lukashenko's assassination, even if the assassination attempt is unsuccessful. This situation will formally become an excuse for further involvement of Belarusian troops in the war against Ukraine

Specialists warn that the Russian military intelligence may try to work out a scenario with either an assassination attempt on President Alexander Lukashenko or an imitation of it in the coming days:

The operation would aim to intimidate the Belarusian dictator by encouraging him to order him to join the war on Russia's side

Moscow has already "appointed a successor" for Lukashenko. He will be the current CSTO Secretary General Stanislav Zas, a native of Chernigov region, who is totally loyal to Russia, analysts added

Russia is likely to stage armed provocations in Belarus to push Lukashenko into the war. But fear of losing power will remain his main obstacle to this move. The latest reports from sources in Moscow confirm the institute's analysts' previous conclusions in favour of a dramatic scenario for Alexander Lukashenko

Alexander Lukashenko has publicly stated on many occasions that he will not involve the armed forces of the country in the war that Russia has unleashed against Ukraine

Vitebsk resident who lost his daughter to Kiev shelling got two years in prison in Belarus over a comment

Belarusian man who lost daughter in Kiev shelling gets prison sentence for comment against Lukashenko

22:15, 18.11.22
Oleg Kotov
Oleg Kotov
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