Pentagon donates anti-radar missiles to Ukraine

The Pentagon confirmed that they transferred anti-radar missiles to Ukraine
Читати українською

The deputy head of the Pentagon did not indicate exactly when the missiles were handed over to Ukraine.

This was stated by the Deputy head of the Pentagon, Colin Kahl, during his briefing.

Kahl did not say exactly when the rockets were sent.

But he noted in a comment to CNN that it could be an AGM-88 anti-radar missile (HARM).

The missiles were sent in recent aid packages to Ukraine, he said. Kahl noted that these missiles "can affect Russian radars and other objects."

AGM-88 HARM is an American high-speed anti-radar missile. Range - up to 150 km. Capable of targeting high-frequency radars. Less vulnerable to traditional types of interference, such as turning off the radar when a missile launch is detected. The HARM missile calculates the location of the target and is able to hit it, even if the radar was turned off.

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