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How to get a subsidy and who is eligible

The government plans to change the process for assigning and paying subsidies.

This year, the appointment of subsidies will be carried out as before - after contacting the departments of social protection, TsNAPov, at the place of residence or through the application "Diya." Writes about it "24 channels".

Who is eligible for the subsidy:

  • Persons registered in the house;
  • those who are not registered but live in the house, such as tenants or migrants. IDPs don't need to have a housing lease agreement (the subsidy cannot be granted simultaneously at the registered place of residence and the location of the actual home).

How is the percentage of the average monthly total family income determined:

  • the average monthly total income of a household (family) is calculated;
  • the average monthly total income is divided by the number of household members, and the average monthly revenue per person is determined;
  • income per person is divided by the subsistence minimum per person per month, set on January 1 of the year from which the subsidy is assigned (as of January 1, 2022, it was UAH 2,393);
  • the result obtained is divided by 2 and then multiplied by 20%, and thus the percentage of the average monthly total income is determined;
  • after that, the amount of the mandatory part of the payment is calculated: the required percentage of the price is multiplied by the total average monthly income of the family.

How is family income determined for a subsidy:

  • if the subsidy is assigned from the beginning of the heating season, then the income for the I-II quarter of the current year (January-June) is considered.
  • if for unheated, then - from the III to IV quarters of the previous calendar year (July - December).

Subsidies can be withdrawn for:

  • Debts. If you don't pay your utility bills on time. ZhEKi and OSMD must provide information to the Office for Social Protection of the Population (UPSZN) before the 10th day of the month following the month in which the debt arose. Although there is an exception here, for example, if you have a documented salary or pension delay. Or appeal the debt in court.
  • False income reported. This item can be understood as the acquisition of expensive goods or services and property rights for more than 50 thousand hryvnias. Also, note that payments may be lost through purchasing more than 50 thousand hryvnia cash.
  • Changing the living place. Deprivation of the subsidy when the recipient changes his place of residence or other circumstances arise that exclude the payment of the support (for example, the death of the recipient).

When applying for a subsidy, a person must indicate everyone who lives with him, add documents confirming this to the application, and provide data on income. Additionally, the following documents may be added.

What documents are needed to apply for a grant:

  • rental agreement (lease) of housing (if any),
  • certificates of income (if indicated in the declaration of income, information about which is not available in the State Fiscal Service, PFC),
  • other documents necessary to consider the issue on the merits (if necessary), for example, documents confirming that the person does not live at the place of registration. Such documents can be: certificates of payment for housing and communal services in another residential building, rental agreements for housing in another city
  • grant application,
  • the right to a family income,
  • data on people living in the household,
  • certificates entitling to benefits,
  • passport, taxpayer registration number (RNOKPP),
  • certificate of IDP status.

How to check if you have received a subsidy

To find out if you have been assigned a subsidy and how much it is, use the portal. For this, you need:

  • indicate the address of residence,
  • confirm that you are not a robot,
  • Get information about the status of your grant application.

When evacuating, the migrant must inform the social security where he was registered and if he wants to change the city of residence to stop payments temporarily. Further, to renew the subsidy to immigrants, you need to contact such authorities at the place of residence.

The amount of payments is different for everyone because subsidies are assigned individually. The calculation scheme is as follows: subsidy = payment for housing and communal services within the norms and standards minus the mandatory payment.

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