A petition with a proposal to rename Russia into Moskovia appeared on the president's website

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A petition proposing to return Russia's historical name, Moscovia, has appeared on the Ukrainian president's website

The petition on the president's website appeared yesterday, following the rocket attacks on Ukrainian territory.

The authors propose that Russia should revert to its historical name, Moscovia, as the territory was called before it was renamed by Peter the Great 300 years ago:

The historical name of Russia is Moscovia. The same applies to state formations of the Moscow Principality, the Moscow Kingdom, the Empire. This name was used in European and in some Asian languages. Many historical maps of the 16th and 19th centuries, which were produced in Europe before and after the renaming of the Moscow Kingdom into the All-Russian Empire, also feature this name.

The authors of the petition also reminded that for foreigners the names Rus' and Russia sound very similar and it contributes to confusion of notions and historical realities - as if they are one and the same state that has changed over time. And that is why modern Russia clings to Ukraine, appropriating its ancient history. Separated from Kiev, the Russian state identity loses its roots.

Ukraine's inaction in the question of the historical name of Russia is a tacit recognition of the hostile and dangerous claim that the Russian Federation is a direct descendant of our Kievan Rus. Peter I stole the name of Rus, followed by Catherine II who rewrote history, correcting everything about the Russian Empire for victories and achievements, while everything about Ukraine was carefully destroyed, and not only on paper. Now their tradition is continued by the dictator of modern Russian Federation, - the petition says.

The authors of the petition also believe that today, when Russia went to Ukraine with tanks and missiles, it is necessary to return it the historical name of Moskovia for an international precedent:

Officially changing the name of the state is a powerful information move internationally. It will create a query in Russia and other countries to the question, "What is Moskovia? Why did Ukrainians rename Russia to Moskovia?" This will launch a wave of information search. Together with the search for "Moskovia", the historical facts of the creation of the Russian and Ukrainian states will be revealed. Those facts that are either silenced or distorted by Kremlin propaganda. This will lead to dispelling Kremlin myths about the historical past of "the great Russian people" for Russians and gra

The petition has only just appeared on the website of the President of Ukraine and it has already gathered 359 votes (as of 10.51 24.11.22 Kyiv time), despite the fact that many Ukrainians do not have light or access to the Internet today

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