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There will be an electronic queue at one of the border crossings with Poland

The innovation will begin on Monday, December 12.

This was announced by Deputy Infrastructure Minister Mustafa Nayem.

The innovation will start operating on Monday, 12 December, at the Yagodin-Dorogusk checkpoint. Nayem said:

Drivers will be able to register, sign up for the electronic queue and receive information about the approximate time of crossing the border at any location, without being linked to service areas. It will be possible to follow the queue in an open mode on the system's website.

At the same time, the official stressed that the main reason for queues at the border remains the low capacity of the border crossing infrastructure, which was not ready for a significant flow of traffic after Russia blocked Ukrainian seaports. However, this will allow streamlining this queue.

It will be possible to register in the electronic border-crossing queue at echerha.gov.ua.

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