The countries of the Middle East can create a military alliance

The Middle East is thinking about creating an analogue of NATO
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His main goal is to confront Iran.

The main issue of the Middle East summit could be the creation of a new military alliance similar to NATO. It is reported by the Air Force.

It is known that the countries of the Persian Gulf, representatives of Jordan, Egypt and Iraq will take part in the summit.

Sources of the news agency report that secret negotiations on this issue have already taken place in Sharm el-Sheikh under the auspices of the United States. They were attended by the highest military representatives of Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This meeting is already being called the first step in developing a "common threat defense strategy."

The Iranian nuclear program is forcing the countries of the Middle East to move closer to counter the threat.

Israel has already begun to actively build relations with anyone who can become an ally on this issue, the article says.

In turn, Reuters writes that the Iranian regime is afraid of an alliance being formed against its country by Israel, the United States and a number of Middle Eastern states.

Commenting on developments, a senior source in the Iranian regime told Reuters that "the region is changing, so are the alliances."

Israel is normalizing relations with Arab countries, and the Americans are encouraging this. We regard this as a dangerous threat and are trying to stop it in the bud. Our enemies are praying for the termination of negotiations, but we will not give them such pleasure, - the Iranian explained.

It is noted that we are talking about negotiations on Iran's nuclear program. Recall that negotiations on Tehran's nuclear program stalled in March this year, and resumed a few days ago - but not in Vienna, but in Doha, the capital of Qatar. However, this round was also unsuccessful.

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