Kevin Spacey faces sexual harassment charges again

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Actor Kevin Spacey accused of seven episodes of sexual harassment

Kevin Spacey has been charged with seven sexual offences.

This was reported by Variety.

The UK prosecutor's office has announced that actor Kevin Spacey will be charged with seven sexual offences

The new charges cover three incidents of indecent assault, three offences of sexual assault and one offence of forcing a person to be sexually active without consent, all involving a single male complainant and the alleged episodes cover the period from 2001 to 2004.

The Hollywood actor will also stand trial in a British court in June 2023 on five other counts of sexual assault

The new charges against Spacey came almost a month after a jury in New York sided with the actor in a $40 million civil suit, finding that Kevin Spacey did not molest Anthony Rapp when he was a teenager and was not responsible for the battery.

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