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17:32, 24.03.2023

Russia's occupying authorities have started evacuating temporarily seized Crimea. They are actively selling property and removing families.

A representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, Andriy Yusov, has said this, the press service of the State Intelligence Service has said.

According to him, the day before, local residents heard a warning on FM stations that they should prepare for their departure. Andriy Yusov believes that the warning applies to those Crimeans who cooperated with the occupation authorities.

In order to have peace and order there, the peninsula must be de-occupied and legal Ukrainian authorities must be returned there. In fact, to return Crimea to its native Ukrainian harbour, which will definitely happen in the near future. Therefore, all those working for Russia really close sometimes better leave the territory of Ukrainian Crimea," a spokesman for the State Security Service of Ukraine has said.

Thus he noted that the Russian command on the peninsula and the occupation administration are very active in selling real estate and moving their families out of Crimea.

But others, the rank and file, are told: don't worry, everything is calm, everything is under control... But this is like a meme that the "special operation" is going according to plan... Families connected to the Russians are being removed, and very actively. And this is a cause for reflection for all others who have tied their fate to Putin's criminal rashist regime. It is better to leave Crimea while there is still such an opportunity," Andrei Yusov summed up.

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Evgenia Ruban

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