Prosecutor General: Five cases of sexual abuse of Russian military against children have been established

Ukrainian law enforcement officers established the facts of sexual violence of the Russian military against children
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Law enforcement officers with psychologists are now working with children who were sexually abused by the invaders.

Law enforcement officers work with children using the "green room" method - with the direct participation of a psychologist: he is outside the visual observation of the child, but helps. Prosecutor General Andrei Kostin spoke about this in an interview with the Left Bank.

Five children from 4 to 16 years old have been identified as victims of this category of war crimes, Kostin noted.

Kostin, stated that sexual crimes are much more than they are reported.

You know that any crimes of a sexual nature are characterized by a very high level of latency, I apologize for this word, it is a legal term. That is, they are committed much more than is known, if only because many simply do not want to report for various reasons. Therefore, we can rely only on those facts on which we have certain statements and on which certain testimonies are given, - said Kostin.

Earlier, an OSCE report was published citing data from the ombudsman's office - from the time of Denisova - in fact confirming her correctness about the mass criminal crimes of a sexual nature by the Russian military.

Also, US Ambassador to the OSCE Michael Carpenter said: “Repeated cases of sexual violence committed by the Russian military, as well as massacres of civilians, including children, have been confirmed. At a minimum, we are talking about 25 girls aged 14 to 25, who were kept in a basement in Bucha, were subjected to gang rape by the Russian military, as a result of which 9 of them became pregnant.”

The Prosecutor General also noted that more than 7 thousand children were deported to the territory not controlled by Ukraine, to the territory of Russia and Belarus. This figure is based on the statements of relatives, heads of children's institutions.

The task of law enforcement officers is to identify these children. According to him, 5327 children have now been identified.

We send this information to the International Committee of the Red Cross, because international institutions have the opportunity to help bring our children home objectively. And they are higher than the procedural ones that our pre-trial investigation bodies and the Office of the Prosecutor General have, because we can only physically get it on the territory of Ukraine, the Prosecutor General said.

Kostin noted: “Currently, 55 children who were illegally deported to Russia have been returned. And 37 children, together with their parents or caregivers, are currently in the territory of the EU countries.”

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