Fraudsters appropriated a whole house in the center of Kyiv

Fraudsters appropriated a house in the center of Kyiv worth over UAH 225 million
Читати українською

The Shevchenko District Prosecutor's Office of Kyiv through the court achieved the abolition of state registration of ownership of non-residential premises in the center of the capital.

This was reported by the press service of the Kiev City Prosecutor's Office.

During the exercise of procedural guidance in criminal proceedings, the district prosecutor's office established that the attackers, on the basis of a fake decision of the Leninsky District Court of the city of Sevastopol, registered the company's ownership of the real estate object on the street. Pavlovskaya in Kyiv worth more than 225 million hryvnia, the prosecutor's office reported.

In order to restore the violated rights of the territorial society, the district prosecutor's office filed a lawsuit in court to eliminate obstacles to the use of communal property by canceling state registration of property rights, the press service of the Kyiv city prosecutor's office said.

Also, the prosecutor's office reported that the economic court of Kyiv agreed with the arguments of the prosecutor and, by its decision, satisfied the claims in full - seizing the premises.

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