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The expert spoke about the further rise in prices in Ukraine

The rise in the exchange rate brings a second blow to prices.

Prices in Ukraine may rise by another 10-15%. The rise in price will be provoked by the appreciation of the exchange rate. Gleb Vyshlinsky, head of the Center for Economic Strategy, said this on the air of Espresso .

He noted that this is not the first rise in price in a short period of time. Wyshlinski pointed out that prices in the country rose because of the war in the first place. He noted that they had already risen in March and April.

This was due to the increase in the cost of logistics and fuel. Now the rise in the exchange rate is the second blow to prices. In fact, the government, not being able to cover all expenses in full without printing money from the NBU, this appreciation will help it. We will not have a reduction in payments that we cannot afford, but a reduction in real terms due to inflation,” he explained.

Wyshlinski added that in the coming months the trend will continue and the price tags will change.

NBU expectations - up to 30% inflation per year, now 17.5%. Another 10-15% prices may rise. This will reduce the real opportunities to buy goods and services for the poorest, those who depend on state payments, pensions and payments in the public sector, the expert summed up.

Recall that the National Bank raised the official hryvnia exchange rate by 25% to UAH 36.57/USD. Just a few hours after the decision of the National Bank to weaken the official hryvnia exchange rate, the cash rate went down sharply.

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