Ex-contractor of the Russian Federation, who fought near Chernihiv, is trying to escape to Germany

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Former Russian contract soldier, who participated in the battles near Chernigov, is counting on a "humanitarian German visa"

Since September 21, when Russia announced mobilization, Russians have begun to leave the country en masse.

In the states they are trying to emigrate to, there are different attitudes towards such a powerful influx of “relocators” (this is how those fleeing from mobilization prefer to call themselves so that they are not compared with ordinary migrants). For example, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz supported the opening of Germany to Russians fleeing the mobilization.

On the other hand, Ukrainians are most often skeptical about this, if not more harshly - contemptuously. At the same time, many in Ukraine do not rule out that among the “relocators,” some people supported this war all the time the Russian troops invaded Ukrainian territory. Worse, among them may be those who have already fought in Ukraine.

For example, one such "evader" was mentioned in the publication "BBS Russian Service." Sergei Bokov, a contract soldier who fought near Chernihiv this spring. He returned to the territory of Russia, and recently after Putin announced mobilization, he managed to leave for Kazakhstan. Moreover, according to the BBC Russian Service, he plans to travel further - to Europe and receive a humanitarian visa in Germany. And he may succeed. Indeed, according to the publication, before serving in the Russian army as a contract soldier, Bokov was allegedly an employee of the headquarters of the leading Russian oppositionist Alexei Navalny, who is now in prison. It is not very clear how it is possible to make such a sharp turn in life - from political opposition to signing a contract for service in the army, which serves the Putin regime. True, today Sergei Bokov says that the unit in which he ended up on the territory of the Kyiv region and then near Chernihiv did “nothing like that.” They just fired, they just guarded the artillery, which fired at the houses of civilians in Chernihiv...

But most likely, Bokov will use the fact that he worked for Navalny to obtain a humanitarian visa in Germany. And how many more of these Bokovs ...

Recall that since Putin announced the mobilization, 98 thousand people left Russia for Kazakhstan, 53 thousand for Georgia, 43 thousand for Finland, and 3.8 thousand for Mongolia. According to British intelligence, more people have left today than the number of troops that invaded Ukraine on February 24.

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