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Actor Jim Carrey has put his $29m house on the market.
23:17, 14.02.2023

A 1179m2 estate in Los Angeles with paintings by actor Jim Carrey himself on the walls.

A 1,179m2 estate in Los Angeles with paintings by actor Jim Carrey himself on the walls.

A series of photographs, which accompany the sale, reveal how American celebrities live.

Aside from his acting career, Carrey is also an artist and sculptor who has had his work featured in a house and photographs of it. In the past, he has exhibited his work in the US and Canada as well as recently taken on a digital NFT collection. Jim Carrey's paintings are colourful and positive works of art.

Among the works spotted at the estate is Hurrah We Are All Broken, which depicts four abstract figures with a colourful backdrop. A bronze sculpture, Ayla, is spotted in a photograph of the garden.

When I first started painting a lot, I became so obsessed that there was nowhere to move around in my house. Paintings were everywhere. They became part of the furniture, I ate on them," says Jim Carrey himself.

However, all these works are not part of the value of the estate.

Whoever becomes the new owner of the magnificent mansion will have a bright and spacious house, a garden and a swimming pool with an artificial waterfall.

Kerry himself said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that it was just time for a change, which is why he decided to sell the house, which he owned for almost 30 years.

I don't spend much time there and I want someone else to enjoy it as much as I once did," Jim Carrey said.

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