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Danilov tells what war will be like in 2023

The head of the NSDC has divided the Ukrainian state's struggle after the start of a full-scale offensive into four stages.

In 2023, Ukraine will start the third stage of its fight against the aggressor country - an offensive war, National Security and Defence Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov said on his Facebook page.

In his opinion, this year the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to dislodge the enemy from the occupied territories. Arms received from Western allies will be a good support to start liberation: BMP Bradley, Marder, armoured personnel carriers Bastion, armoured vehicles AMX-10 RC, air defence systems Patriot "and many other things - less public and quite non-public".

Speaking of the stages of the war, he divided the Ukrainian state's fight against the aggressor into four stages: partisan, defensive-counteroffensive, offensive war, and the final stage "a war of justice and retaliation".

1. January 2022. guerrilla warfare:
nLAW, Stinger, Javelin.

2. June 2022 Defence Counteroffensive Warfare:
hIMARS, MLRS, M777 howitzers, Harpoon missiles, GMLRS shells, Excalibur, Panzerhaubitze 2000 SAU, IRIS air defense, CAESAR SAU, AHS Krab self-propelled howitzer.

3. 2023. Offensive Warfare:
bMP Bradley, Marder, Bastion armoured personnel carriers, AMX-10 RC, Patriot armoured vehicles. And much more - less public and not at all public.

4. The fourth stage: Ukraine's missile and drone programme.

The fourth and final stage he called the "war of justice and retaliation". In the course of it the allies will provide Ukraine with a missile and drone programme, Danilov noted.

It should be noted that the victory for Ukraine will be reaching the internationally recognized borders of 1991.

Russian military does not allow evacuation from Zaporizhzhya region

Russian military does not allow evacuation from occupied Zaporizhzhya region

21:30, 05.01.23
Oleg Kotov
Oleg Kotov
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